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    25 Bulldogs Who Had A Better Ugly Sweater Party Than You Did

    All I want for Christmas is a bulldog in a sweater.

    I present to you: The hostess.

    Daisy Gordita invited all her Instagram bully friends to rock some ugly sweaters, and THEY SURE DID.

    1. Just look at this fur ball:

    2. And this radiant Mrs.Claus:

    3. This sassy wonder:

    4. OMG.

    5. This fellow could've used a pawgarita:

    6. Pudgy perfection.

    7. Rocking the antlers.

    8. Here's a happy lady:

    9. OK. He knows he looks good in a sweater.

    10. He woke up like dis. #flawless

    11. Can we please have these two under our tree?

    12. Chunky and charming.

    13. And impossibly cozy.

    14. Some doggies just partied a little too hard.

    15. Gangsta and gorgeous, all at once.

    16. What a model.

    17. He knows his good side.

    18. Those glasses (and those eyes!) are worth gold.

    19. Some improvised their sweaters:

    20. Some simply mesmerized.

    21. This is the whole package right here.

    22. Look at this mischievous baby.

    23. And this ADORABLE wonder.

    24. Can you handle this cuteness?!


    What a pawty!