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    Living In New York City As Told By Paquita La Del Barrio

    Welcome to New York, inútil.

    1. When they kick you out of the club at 4 a.m. and you were just starting to get turnt:

    2. When you walk past a Halal stand and reek of gyro for the rest of the day:

    3. When you see a bunch of dudes ignoring the fact that there's a standing pregnant woman on the subway:

    4. When you think your train is making every stop but it turns express out of nowhere and you end up in Connecticut:

    5. When you are talking crap in Spanish about someone and then hear them talk Spanish too:

    6. When you split an Uber from the airport and your fare is, like, $32 instead of $590:

    7. When the scent of fuming hot trash hits you while walking down the street:

    8. When the person next to you on the subway keeps dozing off on your shoulder:

    9. When you promise yourself you are going to quit junk food but can't stop eating New York pizza:

    10. When you're really enjoying yourself at the karaoke but it's past 5 a.m. and the staff forces you out:

    11. When you run into your ex and politely wave but inside you're like, "WTF there's nine million people in NYC, WHY is this happening to me?":

    12. When people stop visiting you from all over the country and you finally get a weekend to yourself:

    13. When you are trying to get somewhere but there's a group of eight tourists walking slow AF in front of you:

    14. When your three months of summer are ending and you realize you are not ready for seven months of winter:

    15. When you're walking out for brunch at 2:30 p.m. on Sunday...

    16. ...and take a sip of your mimosa and feel yourself coming back from the dead:

    17. When you want to go to the gym but see you have nine happy hours on your calendar that week:

    18. When you look at your bank account after paying your rent:

    19. When you don't even have to order at the bar because they already know you always drink tequila:

    20. When you pay cover to get into the swankiest club only to realize it's completely dead:

    21. When you realize you are, regardless of the struggle, living in the greatest city in the world: