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    • lesm

      Well…here is howIsee it. If the girl’s parents waited6months past Kate’s 18th birthday to choose to call the police, then they (technically) are in trouble with the law, also.Aparent who gives consent for sucharelationship is accountable to the the law for counts of child abuse. You cannot be aware ofacrime being committed and then just choose to report it6months down the line. By not reporting it immediately, then the girl’s parents are guilty ofacrime also. If we take the law out of all of this foraminute, the girl’s parents are guilty ofamuch bigger crime. They should have had more class and discretion on how they handled this. This is going to cause emotional scars on that girl’s mind for many years, and she is going to need years of therapy for the traumatic situation her parents placed her into.Ithink we have people here just trying to proveapoint and being sensational. All the girl’s parents had to do was to contact Kate’s parents and tell them that they do not approve of the relationship and inform them that if Kate didn’t stay away from their daughter, they would have sought legal action. To be fully aware of an on-going relationship and then pull the statutory rape card is underhanded and vindictive. They, as the parents, should be careful. They may face legal action for child abuse for being neglectful for6months.Icould only hope that they would be taughtalesson in discretion. Quite frankly, they would deserve to be prosecuted, as well, in my mind.

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