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Oct 2, 2015

How to Peel an Apple in 3 Seconds

Drill, baby. Drill.

You can peel an apple in three seconds. All you need is a drill and a dream.

James Ransom/Food52 / Via

You can use a drill to peel apples: It's super quick and easy--though it is a little messy.

What you'll need:

1. Any fully-charged electric drill

2. A flat drill bit, glass bit, or any bit that has a flat end (We used a Phillips-head, but a flat-head will offer more torque and apple peeling success.)

3. A very sharp vegetable peeler

4. A peck—or bushel—of apples (go ahead—go crazy)

5. Safety goggles (Not really, but we wouldn't have turned down a pair if they were available.)

How to do it: / Via

1. Secure the drill bit in the drill.

2. Keeping your fingers out of the way, skewer the apple onto the flat drill bit.

3. Point the drill into the sink or a compost bin—the apple peels are going to fly unless you're a professional at this, in which case you probably don't need this article.

4. Lean the vegetable peeler onto the apple at the base closest to the drill, just hard enough to make an indent in the fruit but not quite cut into it, then increase the speed of the drill so that the apple moves away from the peeler. This may be a little rough the first time, but after the first few apples, you'll get the hang of things.

5. With the drill bit going, move the peeler down the apple until the skin is completely off.

6. Repeat to your heart's content.

Can you say delicious? This apple pie can.

James Ransom/Food52 / Via

We like our apple pies deep-fried.

Tieghan Gerard/Food52 / Via

Who knew a drill would be useful in baking?

Phyllis Grant/Food52 / Via

Thank you, fine drill.

Catherine O'Donnell contributed to this post. For more, visit Food52.