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    Why Mara Wilson Is Completely Worth Following On Twitter

    You remember her from Matilda, Mrs. Doubtfire, and Miracle on 34th Street. Now know her for her hilarious tongue-in-cheek humor on Twitter. She tackles tough topics like living in the shadow of Matilda, pop-culture icons, and of course, tacos. You're welcome.

    She gets irony.

    She was recognized as Matilda in this specific instance. :3

    She's not afraid to say "No."

    She's made more than a few funny tweets about bras.

    She's a writer ( makes funny jokes about it.

    Make sure to check out her website!

    She RTs pure gold.

    She gets hashtags, and she knows what phones are really for.

    She makes hilarious tweets about pop culture, like celebrities, books, and movies.

    OK, this one made me LOL.

    But most of all, she's just a chick, and she'll smack you if you don't knock that worshipping-celebrities crap off.

    She's just as cute as ever! So seriously, get over to her Twitter page and give her a follow. Now, fool!

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