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    10 Problems Only Pen Pals Have

    We all know the problems we, as pen pals, face. Paper cuts, postage problems, and pen plights. Come with us on this journey, through thick and thin... envelopes. Get a free geeky and global pen pal at

    1. Selecting the right stationery and stamps for your pen pal.


    So! Many! Choices!!! The struggle of a pen pal with a lot of cute stationery is real. Which one do you write on? Which one do you not want to write on because it's too cute and you want to keep it around a while longer? Which one will your pen pal appreciate the most?? The struggle is real.

    2. Having a close friend who knows super personal things about you that lives halfway around the world and that you've never seen face to face.


    I am totally fine that someone in Denmark knows something about my life that could potentially cause me to go into a coma-inducing melt down if ever spoken about out loud. I swear, it's like I'm writing to my brain... such deep dark secrets.

    3. Running out of stamps you like and having to use the ugly ones you keep in the bottom of the drawer.

    Ugh, not these stamps... I saved these boring ones for paying bills! What is my pen pal going to think of me, sending out a letter with this vanilla-ass stamp on it. Flowers? Barns? Birds? I'll give you a bird, stupid ugly stamps.

    4. Two words: Customs Forms.

    Designed by Satan himself, customs forms confuse and annoy the world of pen pals on the daily. Full of weird questions and strange boxes, you'll be making shit up before you know it... oh, and make sure you fill one out for EVERY international package you plan to send!

    5. Envelopes/stickers that fail to actually stick.


    Envelope, I just put my freaking tongue all over the gross sticky part of your flap... NOW STICK. What is this envelope?! YOU HAD ONE JOB? Did you flunk out of envelope school for being a drunk piece of crap? Did you booze too much and FORGET HOW TO ENVELOPE? AND YOU STICKER? YOU! STICK!!! I shouldn't have to put tape on you - you're a sticker! IT SAYS IT IN YOUR NAME!

    6. Having to guess how much extra postage to put on an extra thick envelope so you don't have to go all the way to the post office.


    The lines in many local post offices are the stuff of nightmares. If I'm sending a letter that might require more than 1 stamp, I try to guesstimate how much extra postage to add. I'll even put on a few extra stamps to avoid it being returned to me and wasting the postage I already put on it. Anything to avoid that line, and that disgruntled postal worker who stares too long.

    7. When the post office says "We have no idea what happened to your package."


    Really, post office, REALLY? The government seems to know every little thing that we are all doing at any given moment, but you lost a box the size of a small horse, covered in Hello Kitty duct tape and Frozen stickers?

    8. Receiving a letter from every one of your pen pals all in the same day.

    Well shit. Which one do I write back to first? There are so many to write back to! This one is full of adorable sticker flakes, and this one has unicorn stationery, but this one has adorable photos of a koala! AHGGHHH!!! SO MUCH PRESSURE!

    9. Starting a letter to your pen pal and then totally losing it.


    Well, I started writing you a letter, on really nice stationery too... and then I put it in... a box? Possibly a drawer? I had a definite pile of papers I was working with and I put it... somewhere... Crap.

    10. The aggravation of a crappy pen that just does not work right.


    You have an entire box of pens. In fact, you have two. But somehow you always pick the crappy pen that does not write consistently, or at all, or a little too well. Will your pen pal notice the random blobs of rogue ink? Will they notice your ink switched colors halfway through the letter? Will they notice all your test swirls on the edge of the paper, trying to get the fakakta pen to work? Will they notice that you practically drilled a hole in the paper in your rage, as you contemplated dipping the pen in boiling water and laughing as it slowly melted? You hope not.