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Who Knew Real Red Velvet Cake Was Not Really Red #waitwhat

Why dump a whole bottle of red dye into your cake when you can make a cocoa cake with natural awesome flavors?

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We're going old school minus the red for this vintage beauty.

Flaming red cakes are great but sometimes flaming red is not what we're after. And you can save that big bottle of red food coloring for tie dying a hundred t-shirts or for turning a thousand eggs red next Easter.

Get some berries and some beets. Throw in some ricotta cheese and a splash of honey.

Spin them through the blender and boom baby! Flavor factor comin atcha!

You don't have to have a carton of fresh buttermilk in the fridge to drop some buttermilk (powder) into the mix.

The batter actually is red (well, pink) before it there really is some red and velvet-y stuff going on in this cake.

Pop these babies in the oven on low heat. Yeah, like, low and slow.

The miracle of modern ovens...they bake up stuff without having to stoke a fire with chopped wood.

Now go on and slather it with old-fashioned frosting made with regular ole' table sugar and a thousand times better than regular ole' buttercream frosting.

Check out these swirl roses. Eazy peazy with a special big star tip.

Or you could just do this. And that's a good thing too. A very good thing.

Now slice. Now eat. Your teeth won't turn red. So you won't have to use Red Velvet Toothpaste to handle that. It will just be one fine slice of vintage cake. The real deal all the way.

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