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10 Super Charming Cake Recipes You Wish Your Mom Made For You

Learn to bake a cute vintage cake right in your very own kitchen. Your sphere of influence will broaden. You will make friends you never knew you had. People will smile when they see you coming (with cake). Cute cake. Super yum classic cake. Go for it!

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3. Strawberry lemonade is good. It's better in cake. This thing is easy to make and it slices up super fast so party people can feast boom boom boom, like that. Then they smile and slap you on the back. Good one!

4. Ever hear of clementine cake? Orange slices soaking in honey and brown sugar butter sauce. About as charming as vintage cakes come. P.S. It even makes a few appearances in the Walter Mitty movie.

5. Sour cream makes this pound cake moist so it's super perfect for extra large slices. To go with your morning cappuccino or your macchiato ristretto triple low-fat latte oomlout coffee thing. Doggie photo bomb inevitable.

6. Get a big can of crushed pineapple and a big bundt pan cause this is a welcome cake and you can expect a lot of guests to be at your door soon. Yes, it's dripping in white icing. That's the icing on the cake.

8. 1963 was a golden year for buttermilk cake in Kansas City, so, yeah, the 1963 Kansas City Golden Buttermilk Cake. It gets better the next day and the next just sitting around on the counter but I dare you to let it sit around on the counter. Double dare.

10. Cowboys like cake for breakfast. Actually, they like whiskey cake for breakfast. To go with their bacon. For real. This is that whiskey cake. Dark and handsome and loveable. The cake, that is. Slice it up like sandwiches with thick frosting. Ho!

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