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    30 Things From Walmart That'll Transform Even The Most Outdated Bedroom

    Everyone loves a makeover.

    1. An upholstered platform bed frame that will completely elevate your room and sleeping space into the trendy sanctuary you deserve. It also has drawers underneath so you can stash extra blankets and seasonal clothes out of the way.

    dark gray platform bed with drawers underneath

    2. A table lamp — it has a retro look but modern tech so you can turn it on and off with a simple tap. No more fumbling with knobs or switches.

    table lamp with white lampshade and wood base and brass finish

    3. A solid wood dresser with five roomy drawers to keep all your closet overflow out of sight in a rustic chic way.

    rustic wood five-drawer dresser

    4. A shag area rug that will add more coziness to your bedroom annnd make it easier to get out of bed in the morning, knowing you have a plush surface to walk on instead of freezing cold floors.

    Gray shag rug next to chair

    5. A down alternative comforter to keep you cozy and comfy, even if you're a sensitive sleeper. It's lightweight, hypoallergenic, and machine-washable.

    white down alternative comforter on a gray upholstered bed

    6. A Himalayan salt lamp to help create a soothing ambience whenever you walk into the room with its inviting amber glow.

    himalayan salt lamp on a table

    7. A plush shag pillow for adding a bit of decorative flair to your bed. Warning: You'll probs want to cuddle up with this while scrolling through TikTok instead of working. Sorry!

    A beige shag pillow

    8. A set of microfiber sheets that are wrinkle-resistant, so your bed will always look made. They're soft, breathable, and come in lots of colors so you can pick up some extras and change up the look of your room whenever you want.

    grey microfiber sheets on a bed

    9. A Google Nest so your bedroom can be a little smarter. You can listen to music and podcasts, control your lights, and more without ever having to get out of bed.

    10. A set of three floating shelves to make the most of your vertical wall space and let you display your favorite photos, mementos, and decor in a unique way.

    An image of a three-piece floating shelf set mounted onto a wall

    11. A nightstand (or two) that will be the ideal accompaniment to your bed. It can provide a home for your phone, books, plants, lamps, and more, so you don't have to trip over them lying on the floor.

    the brown nightstand

    12. A gallery wall picture frame set so you can finally make use of that blank wall. And it takes all the hard work out of measuring and hanging of each individual frame.

    The gallery wall set with five frames in the color Black

    13. A six-cube storage organizer to hold cube bins, home decor, electronics, and more, helping make any bedroom look cleaner with minimal effort.

    6-cube storage organizer in a room with bins and decor inside

    14. And some fabric storage bins for putting inside your organizer shelf to make sure all your random things are nicely organized and tucked away in a stylish way.

    striped fabric storage cube on the floor and another cube in a bookshelf

    15. A Roku projector that's compact but mighty. It can turn any blank wall in your bedroom into a personal movie screen for your next Netflix marathon.

    A black Roku Express projector

    16. A ceramic planter because greenery is a quick way to brighten up any room, and this is a great way to show off yours.

    white ceramic planter with stand and snake plant inside

    17. An essential oil diffuser you can turn on to fill your room with relaxing or energizing scents, depending on your preference. It looks nice in your room on or off, and it also has seven LED lights to create the perfect mood lighting.

    A light brown essential oil diffuser

    18. A scented candle so your bedroom can have its own signature fragrance that calms you before bed. Once you're done burning the candle, you can reuse the frosted jar to hold small trinkets.

    blue fern and citrus candle lit in a blue votive on a table

    19. A woven storage basket that does double duty as stylish decor and an organizational tool. It can hold books, blankets, and more in a way that looks like you intentionally placed them there.

    The storage basket

    20. A storage ottoman where you can put your off-season clothes and accessories when they're not in use, freeing up some valuable closet space. Plus, you can place it at the end of your bed and use it as a bench, too.

    grey storage ottoman with lid open and stuff inside

    21. An MCM-inspired tripod floor lamp to provide extra lighting in any corner of your room. The sleek frame also means it doesn't take up a bunch of valuable floor space.

    tripod floor lamp with black base and white lamp shade

    22. A papasan chair that'll provide the perfect place for you to curl up and read a book, enjoy a hot beverage, or catch a few zzz's in the middle of the day.

    gray papasan chair

    23. A leaning floor mirror by Drew Barrymore to make your room look bigger, and also for you to double check your *outfit of the day* from head to toe.

    rectangular leaning mirror with wood frame against a wall

    24. A chunky knit blanket you can lay across your bed as an extra layer or wrap around yourself like an oversized sweater during those extra chilly mornings and evenings.

    Chunky gray knitted blanket draped over a chair.

    25. A minimalist bookshelf to hold all the books on your TBR list, as well as give all your favorite home decor pieces a place to shine.

    white and gold six shelf bookcase

    26. A soft jersey, duvet cover set that will make your bed look even more inviting if that's possible. You can envelope yourself in it at the end of a long day (or for a nap in the middle of the day).

    The queen size duvet in the caramel pumpkin color

    27. A cooling, memory foam mattress because it's time to throw out the lumpy mattress you've had since college. This one will not only support your body while you're sleeping, but it will also help prevent you from waking up with sweaty hair.

    white memory foam mattress on gray bed

    28. A blackout curtain panel that both blocks out light and helps keep your room warmer or cooler depending on the weather. Win-win.

    gray blackout curtains in front of a window

    29. A jute floor pouf you can use as an ottoman, an extra seat, a coffee table, or just as extra boho decor to brighten up your room.

    woven jute pouf on hardwood floors next to a chair

    30. A braided laundry hamper you won't be embarrassed to leave out, because even though it has dirty clothes inside, you would never be able to tell at first glance.

    The laundry basket in front of a washer dryer set

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