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    31 Pet Products From Chewy That Are Worth Investing In

    Your animal BFFs deserve only the best of the best.

    1. An insulated jacket because, just like you, your pup deserves to be cozy and warm on those chilly days. It has faux down liner and a faux fur trimmed hood, but very real style.

    white and brown french bulldog wearing a red insulated jacket with furry hood

    2. A pet stroller so your injured, senior, or perhaps slightly lazy animals can still enjoy their daily walk and breath of fresh air (and it sure beats carrying them the whole time).

    green dog stroller with small dog inside

    3. A Furbo dog camera that will let you keep an eye on your furry pal when you're not home to make sure they don't get into too much trouble. You can talk to them through the camera and toss them a treat for being an extra good doggo.

    furbo dog camera and cell phone with photo of dog

    4. A set off stairs your pets can use to get up and down the couch or bed with ease. They have a sturdy wooden base and carpeted steps so their paws don't slip, and it's foldable so you can easily move it around the house or store it away.

    white and gray foldable pet stairs next to a couch with a cat on them

    5. A self-cleaning litter box because no one likes scooping cat poop every day, and this box will automatically rake it. Plus, it reduces odors ~and~ the frequency you have to change the litter box.

    purple and white self-cleaning litter box with cat inside

    6. A car seat cover to give your pets a comfy place to sit in the backseat and prevent them from scratching up the upholstery or leaving behind a mess of dirt, mud, or whatever they rolled in. It's waterproof and easy to clean too—just toss it in the washing machine.

    black quilted car seat cover with a dog sitting on it

    7. A cat cave bed made of merino wool to make sure your kitty stays at the right temperature all year-round, and to give them a place to hide away in peace and quiet.

    gray cat cave bed with a gray cat inside

    8. A plush orthopedic dog bed to give your pal a soft, supportive place to catch some ZZZs. Hey, you may even get your side of the bed back.

    gray and white  dog bed with slanted side bolsters and a puppy on it

    9. A pet carrier that fits animals up to 16 pounds and will make your next road trip or vet visit a little less stressful. It's also airline-approved so you can fly with your furry companion.

    model carrying a rectangular pet carrier with a white cat inside

    10. A dog DNA test so you can finally figure out what breeds your pup is (and if they're what you've assumed all this time). It also tells you about physical traits and any medical complications you should be aware of.

    model  holding a small dog and a screenshot of DNA test results

    11. A cardboard cat scratcher that looks like a can of sardines and will not only keep your cats' claws off your expensive furniture, but also makes for an adorable photo op.

    sardine box cardboard scratcher with one cat inside and one cat on top

    12. A pet carrier backpack so your four-legged friends (up to 16 pounds) can go on any adventure with you, whether it's hiking or running errands down the street. There are mesh panels so they can look out on the action.

    grey pet carrier backpack with foldable mesh window

    13. A stainless-steel fountain to give your pets fresh water to drink all day long, and makes it easier to keep them hydrated especially if you have more than one.

    stainless steel water fountain and cat drinking water

    14. A fold-and-carry single-door crate so you have a secure place for your dog if you need to leave them at home and don't trust them to have free rein of the place. It folds up and has adjustable handles so you can take it with you on the go.

    The black wire crate has a golden orange dog smiling inside and stepping out

    15. A cactus cat scratching post to keep your cat (and its claws) entertained. And it has such a cute design, you won't mind it sitting out in your living room.

    The tri-post has two large cacti with pink moppy flowers and a smaller green post

    16. A faux-fur cat tree and condo that's like a multi-level entertainment space with scratching posts, ramps, perches, and dangling toys, and this may be better than most kids' playgrounds??

    three level cat condo with perches, slides, toys and scratchers, and a kitten playing on it

    17. A cat scratcher lounge with catnip that will quickly become your fur baby's favorite place to scratch and chill. It has a modern design that will match the rest of your decor.

    walnut brown colored, curved cat scratcher and lounge with a cat on top

    18. An aquarium starter kit that includes everything you need to finally build the tropical fish paradise you always wanted as a kid.

    The clear glass tank has a black top and is full of fish, wood, vegetation and pebbles

    19. An anxiety vest if your pup has general anxiety or gets stressed out during fireworks, storms, or separation (relatable). It provides constant pressure, like a gentle hug, to help calm them down.

    An anxiety vest on a dog

    20. An automatic pet feeder so your pet always gets fed the exact right amount of food, even if you're busy, not home, or napping. You can schedule the meals, customize the portions, and record a message for them.

    white automatic pet feeder with cat and dog in the background

    21. A bone-shaped hyacinth storage basket for organizing all your pet treats, toys, and leashes so they're not strewn all over your floors like a weird obstacle course.

    Bone-shaped storage basket.

    22. A small sofa bed so your pets can have a couch of their own instead of hogging all the space on yours.

    A dog laying on a sofa bed.

    23. A walk-through pet gate to help you keep any four-legged troublemakers out of rooms they shouldn't be in. It has a one-touch release safety lock so you can easily get in and out without having to hop over the gate.

    white pet gate with small dog sitting in front

    24. A dog booster seat so your pup can ride high and can see out the window during your next drive together. It can fit in either the front or back seat.

    gray dog booster seat with a french bulldog inside

    25. A pack of odor-free bully sticks you can use to reward your dog or keep them occupied for a few minutes. They're all natural, 100 percent digestible, and odor-free.

    a bag of bully sticks

    26. A wooden ramp that's a great alternative to stairs if your furry BFFs need a little extra assistance getting onto high furniture, and you're tired of constantly having to lift them yourself. It can hold up to 120 pounds.

    A dog on the ramp

    27. A pet pen you can bring with you anytime you go camping, or to the beach, park, or even the backyard to give your animals a safe place to sit and play. The roof is removable if you want to let some sun in, and it folds up flat for easy transport.

    green covered pet pen with a dog sitting inside

    28. A spot flea treatment for cats because the last thing you want is your kitty and home infested with annoying fleas. It begins working within 12 hours to kill fleas on contact.

    A flea spot treatment for cats

    29. A window perch that's enclosed and mounts to any window to basically give your furry friend their own private penthouse with the best views.

    grey enclosed window perch with a cat inside

    30. An odorless Seresto flea and tick collar to make sure your pup doesn't bring in any unwanted guests home with them. It repels and kills fleas and ticks on contact and can last up to eight months.

    seresto flea and tick collar

    31. A planter kitty litter box because litter boxes are not cute, but plants (even fake ones) are. This planter will hide your cat's bathroom in plain sight and also make it seem like you have an impressive green thumb.

    A cat leaving the litter box that's designed to look like a planter with a faux plant on top

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