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    28 Pieces Of Furniture From Amazon That Have Thousands Of 5-Star Reviews For A Reason

    If Amazon were a high school, these pieces of furniture would have been voted most popular.

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    1. A colorful, velvet, modern accent chair that will give any space a glow up. And not does the unique shape look nice, but it's also sturdy and comfy too.

    reviewer photo of a  round teal accent chair with gold legs

    2. A coat rack so your coats, accessories, and shoes have somewhere to go, other than on the floor waiting to trip you.

    reviewer photo of a coat rack with bags hanging on the racks and shoes on the shelves

    3. A narrow console table that will fit in all the extra spaces that you want to organize, like your entry way, behind a couch, or under a window.

    reviewer photo of a skinny console table with wood top and metal legs against a wall

    4. An upholstered platform bed frame because it's time to upgrade from the mattress on the floor. The fabric adds an elevated touch, and nothing says "adult" like a matching headboard.

    reviewer photo of a grey upholstered bed in a room

    5. A metal utility cart you can use to store your office, craft, bathroom, or whatever supplies and wheel them around to wherever you need them.

    reviewer photo of a white three-tiered metal utility cart with wheels holding school supplies

    6. A small convertible sectional couch that can be changed up into different configurations (left or right chaise, or sofa and ottoman) depending on your space and mood.

    reviewer photo of a grey sectional couch in a living room with a white throw and pillows on top

    7. A C-shaped side table you can easily slide over your couch or bed to make WFH that much more convenient.

    reviewer photo of a white c-shaped end table next to a couch

    8. A round knit pouf that can be used as a seat, footrest, or fun piece of decor.

    reviewer photo of a round indigo knit pouf next to an armchair

    9. A TV stand with a built-in electric fireplace to turn movie night (or any night) into an extra cozy and warm experience.

    reviewer photo of a farmhouse TV stand with electric fireplace built in

    10. A vertical dresser with fabric bins that has plenty of room to help free up some space in your overflowing closet and then some, but is definitely *not* an excuse to buy more clothes.

    reviewer photo of a vertical dresser with wood top and grey fabric bins

    11. A kitchen island to give you some extra kitchen counter space, and more importantly, keep your favorite treats within reach at all times.

    reviewer photo of a white kitchn island with two shelves, drawer, and wood top

    12. A set of four mid-century modern kitchen chairs that will create an inviting space for you to actually sit down and enjoy your meals.

    three white mid-century modern plastic chairs with wood legs around a round white table

    13. A computer desk so you can finally have a dedicated place to work and don't have to keep migrating from room to room looking for a place to put your laptop.

    reviewer photo of a wood desk with metal legs with a monitor and keyboard on top

    14. An ergonomic office chair because if you're going to be sitting in front of a computer all day, you might as well be comfortable.

    reviewer photo of a black office chair with mesh back, arm rests, and cushioned seat

    15. A shelf organizer to keep your bathroom essentials tidy by maximizing that otherwise unused space above your toilet.

    reviewer photo of a white over-the-toilet bathroom organizer with bathroom accessories on the three shelves

    16. A storage closet because you're always complaining that you don't have enough closets, and this one only requires a screwdriver and hammer to build.

    17. A farmhouse coffee table that will provide somewhere stylish to rest all your snacks and remotes when watching TV.

    reviewer photo of rectangular farmhouse coffee table with light grey top, white legs, and metal accents

    18. A vanity set so you have somewhere to sit and do your makeup and/or hype yourself up every morning.

    reviewer photo of a black vanity table with flip up mirror and products on top, with a stool tucked underneath

    19. A solid wood dining table set that can comfortably sit two to four depending on how many people you feel like hosting at any given time. And best of all, you don't have to worry about getting matching chairs, because it already comes with two benches.

    reviewer image of wood table with white legs and two matching benches

    20. A faux leather storage ottoman you can use as seating but also as a hiding place for stuff you don't know where else to put.

    reviewer photo of a rectangular black faux leather storage ottoman

    21. A sleek metal bookshelf to hold your favorite books, plants, photos, and other decor you want always on display.

    reviewer photo of a thin white metal frame bookshelf with five shelves

    22. A bar cart that has racks for glasses and space for five wine bottles, making sure happy hour is never too far away.

    reviewer photo of a bar cart with wood-colored top and metal frame and legs, with bar accessories on top

    23. A set of wood bar stools to dress up your counter and add more seating that's conveniently close to everything in your kitchen.

    reviewer photo of two backless white wood bar stools next to a counter

    24. A three-piece patio set that gives you everything you need to finally be able to sit and enjoy refreshments in your tiny outdoor space.

    reviewer photo of a three-piece patio set including two rattan chairs with black cushions and a small table with glass top

    25. A three-tiered bamboo bench to organize your shoes by the door as well as provide a place to take a load off.

    reviewer photo of a three-tiered bamboo bench in an entryway

    26. A pair of triangular nesting tables that can be used together or separately and are light enough to move from room to room.

    reviewer photo of two triangular white nesting tables with wood legs

    27. A Novogratz futon – it's great for small rooms and converts into a bed for guests or if you want to take a power nap.

    reviewer photo of a pink Novogratz futon

    28. A six-tier bamboo plant stand because any plant(s) you've managed to keep alive deserved to be put on a pedestal and shown off.

    reviewer photo of 6-tier bamboo plant stand with plants on top

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