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Gay Dude Does "Single Ladies" FLAWLESSLY -- Hotel Guests Go Wild

This fella just KILLED "Single Ladies" -- dance and all -- at a pool in Palm Springs and by the end of it, the entire pool full of party-people were going NUTS.

Chris Lesinski • 6 years ago

The Greatest New Vlogger Ever!

This is the coolest new vlogger right now. I'm totally going to SUBSCRIBE! KE$HA!

Chris Lesinski • 8 years ago

Chubby Baby Sliding Around is Terrifying

A baby will never do anything important in the world. Except maybe this.

Chris Lesinski • 9 years ago

Gizmodo Leaks MORE Apple Stuff!

After unveiling a misplaced iPhone 4G, Gizmodo editor Greg Lowen tracks down more stuff left behind at bars near the Apple HQ.

Chris Lesinski • 9 years ago

iPad Unboxing Parody - Unboxing Porn

Ooooh baby! Here's one package you'll loooooove to get your hands on. You've never seen an unboxing video on YouTube quite like this one...

Chris Lesinski • 9 years ago

Boxer Training in The Ocean

All I know is that someone submitted this to The Ellen Show and they passed it around the office a lot.

Chris Lesinski • 9 years ago

The Star Wars Button - Just in Time for the Holidays

This is an actual item you can buy on Amazon. A printed "Star Wars" button. Good thing they included the quarter for size comparison.

Chris Lesinski • 9 years ago

Rejected Mortal Kombat Fatalities

Hearken back to your Mortal Kombat days with a few "finish him" moments that didn't make the kut!

Chris Lesinski • 9 years ago

A History of Auto-Tuning With Weird Al

Know Your Meme, featuring Weird Al, covers auto-tuning. In summary: We'd never be where we are today without Cher.

Chris Lesinski • 9 years ago

How to Make an Omelet Insanely

First, you're thinking, "This hovel is disgusting." Then, you're thinking, "This guy is weird." And then he explains how to make egg whites in the most absurd manner you have ever seen in your life. (Don't miss part two.) [via]

Chris Lesinski • 9 years ago

Vern Troyer Topples Over Drunk

Poor Mini Me prolly only had a cosmo.

Chris Lesinski • 9 years ago

The "Christian Anti-Porn" FireFox Add-On

The best anti-porn algorithm? Jesus. This add-on warns that you are "going to crucify Jesus Christ again" if you visit a porn site. 5 more ridiculous add-ons at the Tosh.0 blog.

Chris Lesinski • 9 years ago

Trickin' It to the Treats

Think you're too old to trick-or-treat? This song will tell you for sure.

Chris Lesinski • 9 years ago

Greatest Magician Promo Ever

I will pay to see this, but only if he strips also.

Chris Lesinski • 9 years ago

Goodbye GeoCities: 7 Retro Things We'll Miss Forever

Geocites officially closes today! Reminisce with a list of 7 retro things that made it so amazing.

Chris Lesinski • 9 years ago

A Shocking Crosswalk Sign!

See the legendary crosswalk sign at 40th and Washington in rural Utah.

Chris Lesinski • 9 years ago

Highlights From The LAPD Art Theft Wanted Gallery

L.A. had some badass art until people stole it! Now, instead of seeing it in an art gallery, we can see it in a wanted poster photo gallery. [via Kottke]

Chris Lesinski • 9 years ago

One Last Ode to "Under Construction"

On Monday, Yahoo will officially demolish GeoCities. Pay your respects by checking out these retro "under construction" GIFs that Archiveteam saved from the hosting platform.

Chris Lesinski • 9 years ago

New Jersey Douche Bags Club It Up!

ClubItUp has countless photos from inside exclusive Jersey clubs… and that makes it the perfect place to find ridiculous douche bag photos. Please -- add your own finds!

Chris Lesinski • 9 years ago

Today Marks Octobeard – But Wait for December

Why grow one beard when you can grow all 35 kinds? That's what John Dyer is all about...

Chris Lesinski • 9 years ago