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Selena Gomez's Best Music Videos Ranked

In anticipation for Selena Gomez brand new Music video for her summer smash "Back To You", we've compiled and ranked only the best music videos she's been in. From dynamic Disney rock chick to sensual, old school, horror film enthusiast, take a look at Selena's' evolution:

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10. Good For You


Sensual, soft, lonely, but no man, no problem, she's about to release a number one smash album, this video speaks volumes at this time in her life, she's feeling herself.

9. Wolves

Cold, steaming, fashion-forward, swimming, cat walking, diving, crawling, drench in gorgeous couture, rain or shine - akin to the song, selena's always werking it.

8. Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Selena being disobedient and the true rebel she's known for, refusing to be stereotyped as a modern-day young woman bond as a house cleaner. #feminism #actuallywatchsomeonegetmadatthispostgottalovetheinternet Only a baby and she could sing, dance and that iconic mop. When will the other girls?

7. A Year Without Rain

singing in the shower, swimming pools, and now the rain. Invented hair flips.

6. Love You Like A Love Song

bach deafened himself after hearing this as he simply couldn't compete with this song nor it's visuals

5. Bad Blood

now we know who killed the old Taylor

4. Come & Get It

The looks, the dancing, the location is all just perfect for this beautifully Indian inspired bop and visual.

3. Fetish

A very unexpected disturbing video for such a strange song. Selena seems to be referencing a horror film of 1981's 'Possession'. Selena is known to love haunted and freaky things, such as spending nights (this isn't a rumor she admits to love) being surrounded by ghosts in apparently haunted buildings all night, it's how she chills when she's on tour. Maybe she was possessed this whole time in the video? Genius!

2. Bad Liar

Playing multiple characters all at once, rumor has it, this is what scored her role alongside Timothee Chalamet in their latest film after the production team was sent a copy of this as a demonstration of her acting in the time ear for the project. Also, a sneaky plot twist at the end, start to become familiar with Selena's work.

1. Hands To Myself

Hands down, amazing. Stunning. Plays a psycho, trying on another persons clothes you stole, dancing in front of the mirror, an ode to Buffalo Bill in the 1991

classic 'Silence Of The Lambs', involves in itself a horror movie plot - her favorite thing, playing a stalker breaking into a guys house believing they're married. Shows off her acting prowess, she gets to make out with a hunky model (get it), make up on point, her hair looks incredible, not over teased or too long, mature, sexy, gets that product placement coin, suitable fun for the whole family, the song is a smash, which includes the brilliant "can't keep my hands to myself... I mean I could, but why would I want to?" with many other zingers. Perfectly edited, flawlessly performed, killer direction and you will not witness a better plot twist since Fight Club, if you haven't seen this yet, you're missing out on a piece of art.

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