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    • lesc3

      It seems to me,as the old saying goes “we are dammed if we do and dammed if we don’t”not so long ago if we ate the unprocessed foods we were safe, and leave the processed alone as it had been played with and was more chemical than real food. The rub is as we areapeople’s who have been coddled and made lazy in our eating habits and choices it is not surprising that we are accepting this stuff. Askastarving man, will he acceptaplate of red green yellow and blue rings floating inadish of modified soy. Oh yes as for round up weed stuff, haveadrink next time you are training at the gym ,instead of power aid. It is onlyastrong drink of concentrated salt. Yes it has made some land unusable in some ways but as in all things moderation is the key for land and the human body. Yep we do die eventually,I ama68 year old and still active.

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