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Your Favorite Childhood Nail Polish Is Back (Kinda)

Remember Tinkerbell???

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Well, that polish was actually called Bo-Po ("brush it on, peel it off" — get it?), and it's baaaAAAAaaaAAAaack!

If you've wondered what ever happened to Tinkerbell: It was acquired by a large cosmetics firm in the late '80s that eventually ceased marketing those products. However, Worx Toys apparently acquired Bo-Po's proprietary formulation, and they've re-launched the peel-off nail polish that painted so many of our childhoods.

They're $3.99 each and you can order them at

While the line comes in 10 different colors, the "Hocus Pocus" pink originally used by Tinkerbell is now called "Razzmatazz."

It's been updated with a slight shimmer, because apparently that's what tweens are into these days.


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