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    You'll Never Guess Which U.S. President Had Better Hair Than You

    I want to braid circle with this kid so bad right now.

    It's FDR, guys. Here he is in 1885, at a mere three years old, accessorizing with a feather-laden hat.

    Um. Also. He has a freakin' dog saddle. I am so into you.

    Frankie was too young to understand that women would pay good money for ringlets as delicate as those.

    And those blunt bangs? Not many people can pull that off.

    I literally just showed my hairdresser a photo with a style just like this.

    What products do you use? Does it just dry naturally with that perfect soft wave?

    In 1887, FDR had abandoned his long locks. But he made up for it with snazzy style.

    At 7, FDR was way ahead of the sartorial curve. He predicted the middle part craze a century early. And nautical may just be coming back this year.

    Photos courtesy of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum archives.

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