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    Jan 9, 2013

    You'll Die After Seeing These 5 Teen Fashion Catalogs From Your Past

    Get out your highlighters. Mom's gonna want to know about those platform sandals and that inflatable chair you neeeeeeed.

    The best: Coming home from school to find a brand new dELiA*s catalog waiting in the mailbox. Girls of the '90s now cherish the memory of mail-order fashion—do you remember these companies? Check out the list! There are a few catalogs ostensibly missing (Zoe? Dotdotdash? Airshop?) and it's tough to find evidence of them. So, if you've got old relics lying around, scan 'em, send them in, and we'll feature all their awesomeness! Send files to

    1. MoxieGirl


    Remember MoxieGirl, the magazine/catalog with a sort of surfer-skate girl vibe? I remember getting that Rachael Leigh Cook issue and being super pissed that they spelled her name "Lee."

    2. dELiA*s / Via

    The queen of catalogs needs no introduction. And she's still around.

    Girlfriends LA

    One of the cheesier/trashier catalogs. Your mom haaaaated this one.

    3. Just Nikki

    Young Britney! Here she is on the cover of Just Nikki, a short-lived catalogue from the people behind Claire's.


    Alloy was one of my favorites, posing some strong competition for dELiA*s. They eventually acquired dELiA*s—smart move, guys.