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    You Will Want Everything From This 1982 Sanrio Catalog

    Hello, Kitty, indeed.

    Hello Kitty is like the Rob Lowe of girls' toys — she's been around literally forever and apparently never ages. Here's evidence: Flickr user Iron Lace has scanned a Sanrio retailer's catalog from 1982 and the products contained within are still precious. What's even a little creepy is how they don't seem that dated...a whole 32 years later.

    There's a brief character guide at the beginning of the catalog. Who the heck is Patty and Jimmy? And Button Nose?

    I feel bad for Tuxedo Sam...he was listed last and didn't even get a bio :(

    I would have totally packed these in my school lunchbox.

    Those minimalist mugs would be good for the design-conscious Hello Kitty customer.

    Your dentist would be proud.

    How to be the envy of every girl at the slumber party:

    I'm definitely still not using my Hello Kitty wallet. What?

    Super kawaii backpacks.

    Erasers shaped like lipstick YAAASSSSS.

    Embellishing an outfit with a Hello Kitty accessory is always a good idea.

    That can looks like a can of baked beans, but it's actually a little candle. Squee.

    I want to eat it alllll.

    I bet if these tees are still around somewhere, they'd be worth vintage bank.

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