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    "Hook" Is Actually A Very Messed Up Movie

    This is so confusing.

    If you're a '90s kid, you know Hook, the 1991 movie that explores what happened to Peter Pan.

    In it, Robin Williams plays Peter Banning...

    ...who is the real Peter Pan, but he's grown up and is a horrible, business-like adult.

    Peter has married this woman, Moira.

    And this is Granny Wendy. The real Wendy from Peter Pan.

    Moira is Wendy's biological granddaughter.

    Now here's where things get weird...

    Moira and Peter have known each other since childhood. They grew up together, quite possibly in the same house for a while.

    Why? Because Wendy took Peter in at some point in her late adult life and cared for him like her own.

    In fact, from what we can tell, Peter considers Wendy to be his grandmother. Much like HIS OWN WIFE.

    This is weird, considering we know that Peter and Wendy have always had a romantic connection.

    So, basically, what happens is Wendy comes back from Neverland. Peter comes to visit her throughout the years as she ages and he doesn't...

    And despite their connection, Peter never commits to her. She moves on, grows older, has children and grandchildren.

    (And conveniently, grown-up Peter doesn't remember anything before the age of 12 or 13.)

    Peter continues to visit, however. And it's when he sees Wendy's granddaughter — aka Moira aka Peter's future wife — that he decides to stay. (At which point, Wendy takes him in.)

    It should be noted that Hook takes pretty solid inspiration from the plot of Peter Pan as seen in J.M. Barrie's book. It's still weird as hell, though.

    So Peter marries his grandmother/ex-girlfriend's granddaughter who is also kind of like his sister. Good times.