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"Hook" Is Actually A Very Messed Up Movie

This is so confusing.

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If you're a '90s kid, you know Hook, the 1991 movie that explores what happened to Peter Pan.


Peter continues to visit, however. And it's when he sees Wendy's granddaughter — aka Moira aka Peter's future wife — that he decides to stay. (At which point, Wendy takes him in.)

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So basically, Peter is in a room with his pseudo-girlfriend (although she's an old lady now), falling in love with her granddaughter. Wendy really got screwed here. Also, although Peter is in the body of a 12-year-old when he meets 13-year-old Moira, he's technically really old. Potentially a lot older than 80-year-old Wendy.

It should be noted that Hook takes pretty solid inspiration from the plot of Peter Pan as seen in J.M. Barrie's book. It's still weird as hell, though.

At the end of the book, Peter comes for Wendy's daughter Jane, and asks Jane to be his mother. (THE FUCK???) And so they fly off to Neverland together (but really just to help Peter with his spring cleaning). Jane grows up and then Peter also comes to visit with her daughter, and Barrie suggests the cycle will never end — that Peter will keep coming back for new "mothers." Fucking weird.