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You Can't Get More '90s Than TLC, Marky Mark, And Kriss Kross On "Oprah"

In which we learn that Kriss Kross can't please all the girls and Marky Mark feels pressured into dropping his pants.

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In an Oprah clip from what appears to be 1992 or 1993, TLC, Marky Mark and Kriss Kross discuss with Ms. Winfrey what it's like to be a famous hip hop artist. Some of the topics they touch on...

What's the worst thing about fame?

Your heart just bleeds for Chris Smith's answer.

Your heart just bleeds for Chris Smith's answer.

It's really hard when you can't please everyone.

Meanwhile, Oprah is just kind of lost...

Marky Mark on the things you have to do to make people happy...

Where does TLC get their cool clothes?

Marky Mark on how easy it is to go from being famous and awesome to being the neighborhood loser.

Watch the clip here:

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