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    Why Are People Obsessed With The '90s?

    How are we so attracted to this decade that won't die?

    1. Because alien jewelry is now hilarious.

    2. Because tattoo choker necklaces are now hilarious.

    3. Because it makes you seem really cool and insider-y if you can speak about Sassy from first-hand experience.

    4. Because like clockwork, every three months Urban Outiftters brings back some '90s trend. And because Urban Outfitters tells people what is "cool," the world is suddenly filled with extremely annoying people in overalls.

    5. Because quoting Clueless never gets old.

    6. Because people are still wondering whose boy it is.


    7. Because middle parts on boys are so universally hated now, it actually brings us all closer together.

    8. Because some of us have still not recovered from the death of our Tamagotchi pet.

    9. Because we all used to shop at Gap.

    10. Because we are all coming around to (and accepting) the fact that the Spice Girls are deeply tied to our female identities.

    11. Because all millennials now swear that their high school experience was just like My So-Called Life.

    12. Because you kind of want to wear these outfits... admit it.

    13. Because it is a biological imperative to dance when one hears "U Can't Touch This."

    14. Because we are disturbed that the art of the mixtape has in fact been lost on a generation.

    15. Because purple ketchup is still shocking. SHOCKING!

    16. Because even though everything about this is so ugly... you're strangely attracted to it.

    17. Because our president was kind of a badass.

    18. Because if you don't like Daria you are literally the most UNCOOL person in the world oh my god what is wrong with you.


    20. Because when someone re-does the credits to a current show to make it look like the intro to Full House, we FREAK OUT.

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    21. Because the way people danced was funny.

    22. Because we want people to believe that we looked like this in the '90s.

    23. When in fact we looked more like this...

    24. Because the Pacey vs. Dawson debate is still highly political.

    25. Because it's kind of a miracle that Ren & Stimpy was ever on the air.

    26. Because fashion was actually pretty interesting and edgy in the '90s.

    27. And because it was also hilariously bad at the same time.

    28. Because we can't believe how cheesy our music was.

    29. Because we were pioneers in AOL chat rooms. #suckityouths

    30. Because we're obsessed with all the '90s nostalgia we can always see... but not actually ever bring back.