What's Your Hidden Talent?

Time to tap into your undiscovered genius.

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  1. 1.

    You like to be on your feet all day.
    You don't workout, but you're active.
    Your mind gets your heart rate up.
    You're really good at sitting.
    You workout religiously.
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  3. 3.

    Above average.
    Piece of cake. Your balance is impeccable.
    You could probably stand on one foot, but it wouldn't be easy.
    Depends on the alcohol content of the beers, how much you've eaten, how tall you are, etc.
    Probably bad, but you've got a steady hand!
  4. 4.

    Memorizing information comes naturally.
    You have more of a photographic memory.
    You're best at recalling events and movements.
    You remember every book you've read. Ever.
    You're good at the game "Guess Who?"
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  6. 6.

    You see it happening immediately and perfectly intercept them.
    You miss them because you're looking at something else.
    You catch them, but might need two hands.
    Depends on the speed of the throw.
    You duck.
  7. 7.

    Typing contest.
    Beauty contest.
    Best Instagram of a sunset.
    Speed reading contest.
    Relay race.
  8. 8.

  9. 9.

    You can have an IRL conversation with someone while also IMing.
    You can do a physical task (organizing, working out) and be thinking about completely different things.
    You don't multitask.
    In a controlled environment, you can multitask.
    You do things like brushing your hair and teeth at the same time.
  10. 10.

  11. 11.

    You hit stuff.
    You escape into your imagination.
    You run as fast as you can.
    You blast music.
    You distract yourself with problems you can actually solve.
  12. 12.

    Defacing your textbooks
    Acing the SATs

What's Your Hidden Talent?

You got: Music

Shiiiit. How much does it suck that you could have been another Mozart, but never tapped into your musical genius? It's sad no one noticed the signs as a kid: intense concentration, good reflexes, an ability to multitask, rhythm, and maybe you were naturally good at math. Quick: Amazon-order a Suzuki method book NOW.

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You got: Ballet

Anyone who has seen Center Stage (aka the best movie in the world) knows being a ballerina isn't just about effort (although you are really good at giving 110 percent). You may have a ballet-friendly body if you have high arches, long limbs, strong legs, and natural flexibility. Sadly, if you're over the age, of, like, 10, your career passed you by. But, there's always the next best thing: Get yourself to one of those Yoga Booty Ballet classes.

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You got: Science

You're half perfectionist, half spaz. Which means you have really unique ideas and the drive to make them happen, no matter how much trial and error it involves. If you retain useless information like a sponge, that's a good sign that you could retain important knowledge. Your combination of analytical thinking, creativity, and obsessiveness is a magical combination that could lead to great discoveries.

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You got: Tennis

You have natural physical stamina, great reflexes, and an eerie ability to maintain a calm mind, even in physically demanding circumstances. Theoretically, you'd be a natural with a racquet and some training. Otherwise: PING PONG!!

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You got: Painting

Have you always felt you've seen things differently than others? Constantly daydreaming? Making senseless doodles? Holy Pablo, with some guidance, you could Picasso the crap out of a canvas. Painting requires a lot of patience, though, which in this day and age is tough. So to satisfy your inner artist, you could get into photography. Or photo apps.

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