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    What Ever Happened To Jonathan Taylor Thomas?

    Where on earth has '90s heartthrob JTT been?

    Oh, JTT. The future husband of every '90s girl. You were so beautiful with that perfect middle part, so brilliantly arched.

    Most of us watched you grow into a beautiful, golden-haired heartthrob while you played Randy on Home Improvement between 1991 and 1998.

    Here you are in 1999... around the time you started slipping away from us. Where did you go?

    Well, in 2000, you took a few jobs. You were on one episode of Ally McBeal...

    And you voiced the character of Tyler on The Wild Thornberrys.

    But also in 2000, you apparently went to college. You went to freakin' HARVARD, man? Wut? (Apparently, you graduated in 2010 from Columbia.)

    From 2002–2004, you played Ian Randall on Smallville. How did we miss this?

    Here you are in 2004, looking almost the same as you did in 1997.

    In 2005, you did one episode of Veronica Mars.

    So what are you doing these days? You're now 31, and apparently, you had a guest role on Last Man Standing (Tim Allen stars).

    But Twitter confirms that JTT has also been doing other important things... like going to the mall.

    And shopping for groceries.

    Much time may have passed, but we'll always remember you like this. <3 JTT 4eva.