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    14 Weird Vintage Beauty Ads

    Here's proof that the beauty industry has been messed up for decades.

    1. This '90s ad for Sun-In wanted to turn you into a popular girl. And a popular girl is someone people don't like.

    2. Here is a child being called "sexy." Ew.

    3. Remember this girls' beauty brand popular in the '80s and '90s? Apparently you were supposed to buy it to make you feel better about your absentee father.

    4. Sheesh. Tinkerbell really had a thing for stereotyping little girls.

    5. Yes. Why can't inanimate objects be more like people?

    6. This phrase tends to refer to a, um, different context. Right? I feel uncomfortable now.

    7. Wonderful.

    BTW, what is up with that fire with crazy eyes?!

    8. Here's a 1973 deodorant ad telling you how unfair the world is for women.

    9. So...are the women supposed to be flowers who look like humans? Forest sprites? Members of a speed skating team?

    10. I never want to be described as having an "elfin" face.

    11. This might end up being the most expensive lipstick she ever bought.

    12. I don't even know what this means but I'm pretty sure that slogan would never happen today.

    13. It would appear this gentleman in this '70s ad is so blown away by her beauty that he's mistaken his groovy necklaces for food?

    14. Whoa. I'm sure this was really awesome in the '90s. And it's still weirdly awesome now.