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    14 Weird And Hot Johnny Depp Mysteries

    Oh, the '80s. It was the sexiest of times, it was the most confusing of times.

    1. Is Johnny's real name Bob? Does he have a secret life as a violinist-auto mechanic?

    2. Why is Johnny wearing two watches? What, one watch isn't good enough for you?

    3. What are you thinking here? We need to know.

    4. Whose carpet did Johnny rip up to make that jacket?

    5. Why is Deppy-poo experiencing such inner anguish in the rain? Put on a jacket! You'll catch your death.

    6. What secrets are hiding in your hair?

    7. OK, seriously who was Johnny Depp's stylist during his 21 Jump Street era?

    8. Who pissed Johnny off?

    9. Why is Johnny Depp showing us his belly button? I feel as though he is trying to make a point about it, but I'm missing it.

    10. How is it that a man dress like a bumblebee and still look this good?

    11. Stripes and dots? Is Johnny the grandfather of power-clashing?

    12. Why is Johnny not fighting back against that evil clothespin? What is happeninnnng.

    13. Who took these incredible photos of Johnny at 16?!

    14. We meet again, Johnny Depp's Bellybutton. And still, I cannot speak your language. What is it you are trying to say. Speak! Speak, I say!

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