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15 Ways To Up Your Braid Game

She's a braid-iac.

1. Add little flowers to your braid. It's like the more subtle version of the festival flower crown.

2. Use a headscarf as your third chunk of hair, incorporating it into your braid.

3. Hair chalking is a super fun way to make a braid pop with color.

4. Spray your hair with dry shampoo before beginning your braids. It'll give you a better texture to work with and make things look just a touch messy.

5. Create a faux-hawk flanked by killer French braids.

6. Natural hair girls should try "unicorn braids" — they're deceptively easy to do.

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7. If you've done a braided style — like milkmaid braids — and you want to loosen it and muss it up slightly, fluff your strands with a toothbrush.

8. For a bohemian look, try incorporating braid ins — and mix them up!

9. Make it a braid day even when you're wearing a ponytail. Just sub your hair tie with a braid wrap.

10. How about jewelry for your mane? Hair rings. They're a thing.

11. Or, try adding in some eye-catching charms.

12. Natural hair girls can experiment with creating artistic faux bangs.

13. To make your killer do really stick and last, spray your bobby pins with hairspray before setting them.

14. Also: Bobby pins don't have to stay hidden! Dot your braid with colorful ones just for fun.

15. And a super easy way to up your braid game — braid-on-braid action!