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16 Ways To Play Up Your French Manicure

Mais oui.

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The traditional French manicure: It's classic (and classy!) but also a bit passé. Here are some ways to mix it up!

1. This is beyond easy and oh-so-pretty — just add a line of sparkle:

2. If you prefer something more basic, try making your base coat a shade rosier than nude:

3. Of course, non-traditional colors turn French manis into something entirely different:

4. You could do a regular French, but add an accent nail:

5. Bows are dainty and demure (and not that hard to do with a nail art pen):

6. A way to extend the fun — get a basic French, then a week later, paint a cool pattern over it:

7. Or, better yet, turn your tips into a pattern themselves:

8. Try a double-French, with color on the bottom and top:

9. Another way to double your fun? Make a double line with contrasting colors:

10. Painting your tips in different pastels gives you a bit of an '80s-retro vibe:

11. You can also experiment with the thickness of the tip and mixing it up with stickers and art:

12. Alternately, a super thin line is a delicate accent to a manicure:

13. Metallic nail foils will add some flash to your French:

14. You can always play with the shape of your nail — ditch your usual round and try something more angular:

15. If you are feeling fun, you can also work on the shape of the tip — it doesn't have to be a straight line:

16. See? Even basic white, with just a slight alteration, is the picture of perfection:

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