Watch Steven Spielberg’s Adorable Reactions To The ‘76 Oscar Nominations

What happens when a young Spielberg anxiously learns how Jaws faired with Academy Award nominations? Hilarity. And outrage.

1. It’s an exciting day — nominees for the 48th Academy Awards are being announced.

2. Spielberg has gathered with his two friends. One of whom appears to be wearing a tuxedo-printed top.

3. Some initial disappointment: Spielberg doesn’t get the nomination for achievement in directing. His cries of agony fill the room.

4. Jaws is nominated for Best Picture. Everyone cheers! Yay!!!

Jaws also gets nominated for Best Original Score, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Film Editing. It goes on to win in those three categories. It loses out, however, to One Flew Over the Cukoo’s Nest for Best Picture. But c’mon…this was, like, THE BIGGEST MOVIE EVER.

5. Spielberg’s two extremely animated friends have lots to say on Spielberg’s exclusion from the Best Director category.

This guy wants you to know that a) he was in The Godfather and b) it’s bullshit to have a movie win Best Picture if the director is not also nominated. Bullshit!

6. It’s a dark day in Hollywood, people.


8. The director makes the picture, stupid!

9. Steve was not happy with his four nominations. Only four?! Not even special effects?! What is wrong with you, America? Commercial backlash!

10. Watch this entire exciting and hilarious moment here:

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