Was The Lindsay Lohan "My Scene" Doll Responsible For Her Downfall?

    It's entirely possible that this creepy Lindsay Lohan fashion doll was the gateway product for LiLo's downward spiral.

    A fashion doll line launched by Mattel in the early 2000s, the "My Scene" dolls were a gang of "cool" girls. In 2003, Mattel released a special edition Lindsay Lohan doll to join the gang.

    The doll was a Hollywood starlet. This was a time when LiLo was enjoying a productive career — the Parent Trap and Freaky Friday era.

    The Lindsay Lohan doll also came with a feature-length animated DVD, and here's where things really get messed up...

    In the movie, the other My Scene girls all dream of becoming friends with Lindsay Lohan. One is a writer who imagines Lindsay loving her script. The other is an aspiring fashion designer who knows celebs are the "most amazing advertising," another wants to be an event planner who could throw Lindsay's parties.

    Hello! These are what you call climbers. AKA, those "bad people" that celebs site as being "unhealthy influences." People who just want stuff from you.

    And so began Lindsay's involvement with these skanks who clearly altered Lindsay's world...

    The types of "opportunities" that come her way...

    Shame on you, Barbie, for turning LiLo's house into a party pad.

    This Barbie is a party girl. I'm not liking where this is going.

    Oh, I bet you groupies want in on some free travel. How about when she gets sent here, though?

    LiLo's L.A.: Earthy. Yes.

    Watch some of Lindsay Lohan's scenes from the "My Scene" movie here to see what I'm talking about:

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