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21 Visual Puns You Need To See To Appreciate


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1. Space(bar): The final frontier.

2. Clogged toilet. Literal potty humor.

4. Presumably, also into bondage.

5. Legend-dairy. This person: Milkin' it for all it's worth.

6. Big foot caught on tape. This visual pun really toes the line.

7. This person has thyme on his hands. Clearly.

9. I dunno. He looks pretty happy to me!

10. Umm...whisk-key? Like alcohol whiskey? That's just offensive to glorious whiskey everywhere.

11. Your parents probably wouldn't get this. But this one is actually pretty clever.

12. Ear buds. Maybe they only play blue-grass music.

13. Pumpkin pie! It's like Halloween and Thanksgiving brought together ... by math.

14. It's a Corona light. And who came up with this bright idea?

15. This is Cookie Monster's replacement when he's on vacation.

16. One Instagrammer had this meat idea.

17. Close quarters. This makes cents, but can I have my money back now?

18. Got the whole world in your hands? It's surprisingly small.

19. Yes, she does indeed want the d-note, otherwise her scale would be incomplete.

20. Sink...or swim. It would appear this sink got bathted.

21. Oh god. Yah. We get it.

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