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    14 Weird But Wonderful Antique Girls' Books

    A glimpse into what society thought girls should know and read.

    1. Pearls for Young Ladies

    A victorian advice book for young girls with instruction on things like modesty, traveling, and religion.

    2. The Girl Who Kept Up

    This 1904 book is about a girl whose beau goes away to college, leaving her behind in the country. She's ambitious, so she decides she won't be left behind intellectually and academically.

    3. Ugly-Girl Papers from Harpers Bazar

    Apparently this is an 1870s guide to beauty and female hygiene.

    4. Polly, A New-Fashioned Girl

    1910 young adult novel by L.T. Meade.

    5. Good Girl's Annual

    "A Christmas and New Year's gift" book by Frances Broderip, dated 1873.

    6. Ruby's Ups and Downs

    1917 collection of stories about the adventures of Ruby and her friend — serving as lessons girls should learn.

    7. Every Girl's Book: A Compendium of Entertaining Amusements

    An early 1900s guide to games and amusements for the young victorian lady.

    8. Ideal Book for Girls

    1940s collection of stories and illustrations.

    9. The Lives of Girls Who Became Famous

    It sounds very Hollywood, but this 1920s book is a more serious collection of biographies of notable women like Harriet Beecher Stowe, Louisa May Alcott, and Florence Nightingale.

    10. The Girl Through the Ages

    A 1933 history of girlhood starting in "Babylonia and Ancient Greece" and ending in the 19th century.

    11. Bubbles: A Girl's Story

    1897 novel by Fannie E. Newberry.

    12. Very Naughty Girl

    A 1901 tale of, presumably, a very naughty girl? Chapters include: "Jasper to the Rescue," "A Red Gypsy Cloak," and "'Stick to Your Colors, Evelyn.'"

    13. The Girls' Empire

    An Edwardian guide "by multiple authors on baking, athletics for girls, pets, typewriting, poetry, manners, careers, how to be strong..."

    14. What Our Girls Ought to Know

    An 1881 guide authored by a female doctor who offers explanations of anatomy as well as how one should act.