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    13 Adorable Vintage Books About Cats That You Must Read

    How people wasted time before YouTube.

    1. My Kitten (1953)

    This too-cute-for-words book was written by Patricia Scarry, Richard Scarry's wife.

    2. The Cat's Pajamas (1982)

    Test your knowledge with feline trivia covering "hissing and spitting," cats and celebrities, cats in the news, and more.

    3. Snuggles (1958)

    Aww! Snuggles! Dressed up!

    4. Star Ka'at (1976)

    "An exciting rescue mission from outer space opens the way for a special friendship between two super cats and two courageous kids."

    5. How to Make Love to a Cat (1982)

    A small humor book...but ew?

    6. Miss Sniff The Fuzzy Cat (1945)

    Some of the pages feature flocked textures!

    7. A Cat-Hater's Handbook (1963)

    An illustrated book with contributions by William Faulkner and Shel Silverstein.

    8. The Little Kittens' Nursery Rhymes (1941)

    A book of nursery rhymes featuring illustrations of cats dressed up as each tale. Or should I say...tail. Har har har.

    9. Letters From a Cat (1879)

    A children's book written from a cat's perspective. You can read the whole thing on

    10. Cat Knits (1988)

    "Designer knitter Melinda Cross was inspired by her five cats to create this stunning new collection of hand-knitted clothes." Someone please make that sweater. And then mail it to us.

    11. Cat Tales (1893)

    An antique children's book with short stories.

    12. The Doll and the Kitten (1960)

    A creepy children's book featuring photos staged with a cat and "Edith, the lonely doll."

    13. Pussy Black-Face (1913)

    Oh dear.

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