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    21 More Ridiculous Things You Can Buy At Nasty Gal

    Oh, Nasty Gal. NEVER CHANGE.

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    Hi. We are Kristin and Leo and sometimes we like to talk about fashion. Today, we are checking back in with an old favorite store of ours (and home to this classic outfit), NASTY GAL!

    Sam Stripper

    It's been a few months, but Nasty Gal is still as delightfully trolly as ever. LET'S GET TO IT!

    1. Beautiful Stranger Laser Cut Skirt, $78

    Leo: This kind of reminds me of those things strawberries come in. Or fruit leather with extremely exacting cutouts. Or the lattice on a beautiful garden gazebo.


    Leo: I mean, do you think this a beach cover up? She's wearing it with a swimsuit...

    Kristin: This is a real trust exercise for your sunscreen.

    2. DI$COUNT TRA$H Hands Off Sequin Dress, $418

    Leo: Is that an Illuminati symbol on her no-no place?

    Kristin: "Yes, hi, I need a dress that will convince the internet that my vagina is a member of the illuminati?"

    Leo: Oh look! The Illuminati is on Facebook. ::Clicks "Like"::. We're in!

    3. After Party Vintage Give 'Em Bell Crop Top, $68

    Kristin: My face when I realize I've just mistaken a pair of pants for a shirt.

    Leo: Right?? Those sleeves are outta control. Like that girl in the movie Thirteen.

    Kristin: "Hello, do you have a shirt I could get stuck in car doors and smack strangers' faces with when I'm drunk?"

    4. Ragged Priest Clear Sky Slice Maxi Top, $48

    Leo: I imagine this as the religious ensemble of an alien nation. Like, what alien priests wear.



    5. Holystone One For the City Leather Dress, $418

    Leo: This is the thing they put on you at the dentist's office before your X-rays?

    Kristin: Sexy dentist office role play.

    Leo: Yeah, also, something about the collar is really weirding me out.

    Kristin: If I was a medieval warrior princess who just got woken up in the middle of the night, I'd be making that face, too.

    6. DI$COUNT TRA$H Zip It Sequin Dress, $328

    Leo: What is this? A zipper for GIANTS?

    Kristin: Finally, a beautiful celebration of the nightmare of a broken zipper.

    7. Skinnydip London Unicorn Tears Bag, $48

    Kristin: What kind of dick goes around making unicorns cry just so they can drink their tears? Plus, I've done my share of crying and I can tell you that tears are not good tasting.

    Leo: The same could be said of kombucha, which is supposed to have many medicinal properties.

    8. Catherine Rising Crystal Set, $40

    Kristin: Are they... are they actually trying to get us to buy rocks with special powers? Because that's the entire selling point of these rocks.

    Leo: But don't you want to channel your inner #GIRLBOSS and not actually have to do any of the work? It could work.


    Leo: I feel that you're missing the point.

    Kristin: Look, I'm not against magic, but what kind of magic only costs $40?

    Leo: Well somebody's had their childhood ruined recently, clearly. QUICK! SOMEBODY BRING THE DISNEY VHS TAPES.

    9. Daydreamer Brunch Forever Tee, $68

    Leo: But, like, what was happening before this shirt? Like, "talking talking talking conversation, BUT FIRST BRUNCH."

    Kristin: Yeah, like anything productive has EVER happened after brunch. We should just rename it drunch and be done with it.

    Leo: Why is brunch so cool?

    Kristin: It's an excuse to drink in the middle of the day?

    Leo: They do that in France like all the time.

    Kristin: If you like France so much, why don't you marry it.

    Leo: Well if you like...other things....why don't you marry them?

    10. Skynyrd High/Low Denim Top, $48

    Leo: This to me looks like a denim the belly button? I don't know.

    Kristin: Leo, this shirt was obviously attacked by a shark, have some empathy.

    Leo: Then I hope this shirt is one-of-a-kind because I don't condone fish-fashion violence of any kind.

    11. UNIF I'm So Tired Tank Top, $65

    Leo: Is the dog or the cat "tired" of the "shit"?

    Kristin: This is like when you're a teen and your grandma gives you a little kid T-shirt so you write something sassy on it and then you ruin the shirt and in the process ruin Thanksgiving, not like this is based on a true story or anything.

    Leo: Teen angst rears its ugly head.

    12. Chiquita Embroidered Maxi Dress, $298

    Kristin: I'm just really glad she has that scarf because I was very worried that she was cold.

    Leo: My question is, granny panties included or not? Because I am way into those.

    13. With You Blouse, $58

    Kristin: Why so much extra material? Like, we get it, you can afford more than one shirt, you don't need to brag about it.

    Leo: Well, this is very confusing. The front makes me think of a reverse diaper.

    Kristin: It's like an ad for a weight loss drug where a thin person in the "after" photo wears something comically too big for them to demonstrate how much weight they lost.

    14. Web of Lies Vegan Leather Hand Piece, $20

    Leo: I like that the title of this not-glove is called "web of lies."

    Kristin: Because it's not actually leather?

    Leo: I was thinking more like the lie you tell yourself when you put these on and think they have a use.

    Kristin: This is for when Nasty Gal and Shop Jeen have their big rival gang fight after school. ♬ WHEN YOU'RE A GAL, YOU'RE A GAL ALL THE WAY. ♬

    15. Mikoh Xavier Crochet Swimsuit, $147

    Leo: This is the swimsuit version of that No Doubt song about spiderwebs. Which was what you'd hear on my answering machine if you called me in 1997 and I wasn't home. Because I was crawling in a spiderweb...

    Kristin: "I really love it when I shove my ear buds into a bag and then have to spend an hour untangling them. Do you have a swim suit that might duplicate that experience?"

    16. Jeffrey Campbell Cinturon Suede Bootie, $225

    Leo: Safety to the max! It's like three Delta safety videos all at once.

    Kristin: Look, NG is just over-protectively parenting this shoe because they're afraid it might fall into a bad crowd or a sewer grate or something.

    17. The Laundry Room I Choose Tacos Muscle Tee, $58

    Leo: You know, she could still technically check off one of those boxes. Like food and one's relationship status are not mutually exclusive.

    Kristin: Maybe she's just in an open relationship with tacos.

    Leo: Hmm...yeah. But she's very clear about her choice. Like "tacos and nothing else," which would sort of imply "tacos and taken."

    18. H0les Seein' Thangs Faux Fur Goggles, $100

    Leo: Intriguing, curious, and ultimately...unacceptable outside of clown college.

    Kristin: I object to the killing of cyborg bunnies for fashion. Cyborg bunny fur is murder.

    Leo: You definitely cannot drive or operate heavy machinery in these. They should come with a warning.

    19. Hand It to Ya Ring, $15

    Kristin: We need to talk about this fucking ring.

    Leo: Oh yes we do. I one hundred and thousand percent plan on buying this.

    Kristin: OK, counterpoint: There is a non-zero chance this ring is haunted. Like, each time you make a wish, one of those little fingers curls up and then something terrible happens to you.

    Leo: I love it so much.

    20. Rad + Refined Galaxy Glow in the Dark Shades, $45

    Leo: This is the stuff you put on your bedroom ceiling as a kid, right? Her hair is pretty.

    Kristin: Also, why would you attach glow-in-the-dark stuff to sunglasses? These just seem like they're really fun for everyone BUT the person wearing them.

    21. Lali Jeweled Head Chain, $20

    Kristin: WOW, this is not even a full head chain. It's literally just clip-on cultural appropriation.

    Leo: I don't know how this stays in your hair without super glue. Also if you had to look behind you really quickly — like, if someone was like free money, right behind you!— you could knock an eye out. And that'd be annoying.

    Kristin: Yeah, I give this 20 minutes before it falls off into someone's $12 beer.

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