21 More Ridiculous Things You Can Buy At Nasty Gal

    Oh, Nasty Gal. NEVER CHANGE.

    Hi. We are Kristin and Leo and sometimes we like to talk about fashion. Today, we are checking back in with an old favorite store of ours (and home to this classic outfit), NASTY GAL!

    1. Beautiful Stranger Laser Cut Skirt, $78

    2. DI$COUNT TRA$H Hands Off Sequin Dress, $418

    3. After Party Vintage Give 'Em Bell Crop Top, $68

    4. Ragged Priest Clear Sky Slice Maxi Top, $48

    5. Holystone One For the City Leather Dress, $418

    6. DI$COUNT TRA$H Zip It Sequin Dress, $328

    7. Skinnydip London Unicorn Tears Bag, $48

    8. Catherine Rising Crystal Set, $40

    9. Daydreamer Brunch Forever Tee, $68

    10. Skynyrd High/Low Denim Top, $48

    Leo: This to me looks like a denim tunnel...to the belly button? I don't know.

    Kristin: Leo, this shirt was obviously attacked by a shark, have some empathy.

    Leo: Then I hope this shirt is one-of-a-kind because I don't condone fish-fashion violence of any kind.

    11. UNIF I'm So Tired Tank Top, $65

    12. Chiquita Embroidered Maxi Dress, $298

    13. With You Blouse, $58

    Kristin: Why so much extra material? Like, we get it, you can afford more than one shirt, you don't need to brag about it.

    Leo: Well, this is very confusing. The front makes me think of a reverse diaper.

    Kristin: It's like an ad for a weight loss drug where a thin person in the "after" photo wears something comically too big for them to demonstrate how much weight they lost.

    14. Web of Lies Vegan Leather Hand Piece, $20

    15. Mikoh Xavier Crochet Swimsuit, $147

    Leo: This is the swimsuit version of that No Doubt song about spiderwebs. Which was what you'd hear on my answering machine if you called me in 1997 and I wasn't home. Because I was crawling in a spiderweb...

    Kristin: "I really love it when I shove my ear buds into a bag and then have to spend an hour untangling them. Do you have a swim suit that might duplicate that experience?"

    16. Jeffrey Campbell Cinturon Suede Bootie, $225

    17. The Laundry Room I Choose Tacos Muscle Tee, $58

    18. H0les Seein' Thangs Faux Fur Goggles, $100

    19. Hand It to Ya Ring, $15

    20. Rad + Refined Galaxy Glow in the Dark Shades, $45

    21. Lali Jeweled Head Chain, $20

    Kristin: WOW, this is not even a full head chain. It's literally just clip-on cultural appropriation.

    Leo: I don't know how this stays in your hair without super glue. Also if you had to look behind you really quickly — like, if someone was like free money, right behind you!— you could knock an eye out. And that'd be annoying.

    Kristin: Yeah, I give this 20 minutes before it falls off into someone's $12 beer.

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