15 Veganized Versions Of Your Favorite Foods

Mac ‘n’ cheese-town, here I come.

Being vegan doesn’t mean you have to give up comfort foods! Here, comparisons of non-vegan dishes (left) and their vegan-friendly versions (right).

1. Hot Wings Vs. Vegan Cauliflower Hot Wings

You can recreate the essence of this spicy chicken favorite with cauliflower. Peta has a great recipe.

2. Macaroni And Cheese Vs. Dairy-Free Mac ‘N’ Cheese

A magical combination of blended veggies, nuts, and coconut transform this comfort food into a vegan-friendly delight. Recipe at Vegan Yumminess.

3. Soft Cheese Vs. Vegan Almond Cheese

Cheese is probably the hardest thing to give up when you go vegan. But this almond cheese totally captures the richness of the real thing. Recipe at Rawmazing.

4. Peanut Butter Cups Vs. Homemade Vegan P.B. Cups*

VEGAN REESE’S HELL YEAH. Recipe at Averie Cooks.

5. Margherita Pizza Vs. Daiya Cheese Version

Three cheers for Daiya cheese! Get the recipe at Our Fresh Kitchen.

6. Cinnamon Buns Vs. Vegan Sticky Buns

Is it just me or does the vegan version look much tastier than the original? Get the recipe at Vegan Yum Yum.

7. Croissants Vs. Vegan Croissants

Oh la la! A vegan French breakfast. Find the recipe at Vegan Dad.

8. Nutella Vs. Homemade Vegan Chocolate Spread

Homemade Nutella? Yes, please. You will compliment my vegan croissants perfectly. Recipe at Brown Eyed Baker.

9. Pigs In Blankets Vs. Veggies In Blankets

Subbing in carrots for meat is a genius choice. Recipe at Vegan Sandra.

10. Fettuccine Alfredo Vs. Vegan Alfredo

Mimic the creaminess of this pasta with a cauliflower and tahini sauce. Recipe at One Ingredient Chef.

11. Traditional Nachos Vs. Dairy-Free Nachos

Vegans love dairy-free nachos! Recipe at Vegan Miam.

12. Meat Loaf Vs. Two-Bean Loaf

A meat-free version of this America classic is made with two types of beans. Recipe at Back to Her Roots.

13. Egg Omelets Vs. Tofu Omelets

Egg-free eggs. It can be done. Check out the recipe at The Post Punk Kitchen.

14. Traditional Lasagna Vs. Vegan Lasagna

Mimic ricotta with a tofu/nutritional yeast concoction. Recipe at

15. Meaty Sloppy Joes Vs. Vegan Sloppy Joes

Get the same smoky taste with chickpeas and seasonings. Recipe at Fork and Beans.

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