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22 Unnecessary Kitchen Accessories You Never Knew You Needed

Porcelain hedgehog-shaped measuring cups? SIGN ME UP.

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1. Classy Cheese Knives


Why must there be different knives for different cheeses? No clue. Most people would be just fine with the knife that gets the cheese the fastest. But no, not you.

Set of four cheese knives, $35.28 at Oliver Bonas.

2. Cutesy Tea Infusers


Yes, you can simply dunk your teabag or use a boring old infuser, but why not take the opportunity to say, "Hello, Mr. Manatee! Is my tea ready?" every time you have a cup?

Manatea tea infuser, $14 at Urban Outfitters.

4. High-Tech Breakfast Aids

Via asseenontvwebstore.com

Say goodbye to messily pouring pancake batter with a bowl and spoon. This way you can get that perfect circle and feel like you're running your own hip breakfast cafe.

Pancake batter dispenser, $13 at the As Seen On TV Store.

12. Crafty Spoon Rests


Stop leaving pasta sauce stains on your counter and get a spoon rest. Your counter will thank you and your friends will think you are better than them for being so adult.

Ceramic spoon rest, $14 at Terrain.

15. Super Specific Party Platters


OK, so you may only make deviled eggs once every blue moon but having a tray that holds them in place will come in handy, trust me.

Porcelain deviled egg platter, $46 on eBay.

21. Specialty Barware and Glassware


Martinis, champagne, margaritas...right now they're all going in the same boring glass. But oh how you've dreamed of having all the right receptacles for all the delicious alcohols.

Copper Moscow Mule mug, $24.99 at Kitchen Kapers.

22. Fancy Tea Towels


Don't you wish you could be one of those people who always uses fancy stuff and doesn't care if it gets dirty because you have more fancy stuff? Yes.

Skinny laMinx tea towel, $18 at Skinny laMinx's Etsy shop.

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