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Undercover News Team Attends '90s Rave, Makes It Out Alive

Raves: Exposed by Philly's intrepid Channel 10 news team.

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Some time in the '90s, Philadelphia's Channel 10 news team decided to get to the bottom of this "rave" business. These reporters sure do know how to turn a good pun...

This dangerous mix of drugs, music, and dance — it's called rave. And tonight it's all the rage. Get ready, we're taking you for a rave.

Don't be deceived by those cool, trippy graphics. "Rave" is something to be concerned about...

A new fad among the suburban set where kids come to the inner city and party all night long in an abandoned warehouse...this new thing that's happening could be dangerous to your child.

But the kids have some insightful things to say in their defense.

It's underground, it's usually illegal, and some believe it's the kind of "pure fun" that could get you killed.

So these reporters decide to check out a rave themselves. No one will know their true identities.

Behold the dangers they find inside...

A girl wearing sunglasses in a dark room.

A boy with some sort of rare disease which causes his tongue to hang out of his mouth.

And a bar that doesn't serve alcohol.

Oh shoot. But then they find drugs. This is where the video cuts out so maybe SOMETHING DANGEROUS happened. We'll never know.

Check out the news report, "Rave: Exposed" here:

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