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22 Truths About Twentysomething Life As Told By "Reality Bites"

This quintessential Gen X movie proves that not much changes about being young.

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1. You really thought you'd be featured on one of those "Twenty Under Thirty" lists (but now you're not so sure).

2. Because in your early twenties, you sincerely believed you'd do something meaningful with your life.

3. Singing in the car with your best friend is guaranteed to make you feel ridiculously alive and cool.

4. You'll say anything when you're on your 213th job interview.

5. The moment after every job interview feels like the world is falling apart. Probably because you said things that seriously compromise your identity.

6. And when you enter the workforce, you feel like you're going nowhere.

7. You actually are good with compliments. But you feel you haven't achieved enough yet to deserve them.

8. When it comes to the deeply unsolvable problems of twentysomething life, you have to joke about it.

9. If you can avoid spending money on something annoying (like coffee filters) you will.

10. In your twenties, you will date the wrong people.

11. You will also sleep with the wrong people. And not remember some of their names.

12. Your excuses are borderline philosophical.

13. You spend entire evenings trapped in your own thoughts.

14. Your life is over pretty much every day.

15. It's a rude awakening when you realize there's no easy way out.

16. When you're in a rut, you indulge yourself, OK? You're allowed to be a slob in your twenties.

17. You do not have your shit together.

18. Your parents have a totally different idea of what your life is like.

19. You can't really avoid being emo.

20. The problem is everyone else.

21. But for all the crap that is twentysomething life, you're still allowed to act like a kid sometimes.

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