10 Times Ken Really Got The Short End Of The Stick

The ’80s and ’90s were a dark time for Ken.

1. The time Barbie made him wear a gold lamé tuxedo jacket.

2. The time Magic Curl Barbie insisted that Ken match not just with his sweater, but also with the height of his hair with her.

3. The time he was good for only one thing — “perfume giving” — and he had to do it in a silver jacket, no less.

4. The time when YET AGAIN, Ken had to wear a silver jacket for an event — this time so he could present Barbie with her award. God, it’s always about her.

5. The time Ken was duped into dressing like his middle school art teacher.

6. The time Barbie forced Ken to join the Village People. (Well, “forced” may be an exaggeration…either way that necklace isn’t doing anyone any favors.)

7. The time Ken grew out his hair and then all of a sudden, people were calling him “Cali Girl.” Real mature, folks.

8. The time Ken went to the Philippine Islands and got duped into wearing this shirt.

9. The time went to the Philippine Islands and got duped into wearing THIS shirt.

10. Damnit! Shiny silver tuxedo again?! You gotta feel for this guy.

Poor Ken :(

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