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24 Thoughts All People Terrified Of Flying Have

What was that noise? Nonononononono. Mommy!!

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1. Oh, no. I'm having a premonition. Premonitions are not a thing to be toyed with.

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I can't NOT get on that plane today. Or can I? What if today is the day there is a plane crash. Ohshitfuck.

11. Time for takeoff. Oh god oh god. WHY IS THE PLANE NOT FLYING YET. WHY ARE WE NOT IN THE AIR?

Isn't there some other statistic that says like one billion percent of accidents happen within the first 20 minutes of flight? One Mississippi, two Mississipppppiiiiiiiii, threeeee...

17. Let's try to calm down with some in-flight entertainment. What movies are there....Shark-fucking-nado?! Showing movies with plane crashes ON PLANES should be illegal.

19. Oh shitballs why the fuck is it so bumpy. This is not good.

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Maybe if I ask nicely, the woman sitting next to me will hold my hand? Do it, ask her. Ask Ask Ugh.

20. Best case scenario: I am the sole survivor of this plane crash and I live out the rest of my days on a desert island with Wilson.

24. Hooray! I am the Boy Who Lived! I love you, ground!!!

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And I take back all the mean things I said about pilots, weather forecasters, air traffic controllers, and flight attendants. Good work, guys.

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