This Slam Book Says Everything You Need To Know About '80s Teens

    A record of everything you and your friends loved. Also: Disco forever!!!

    What is a Slam Book? It's a place to document the things (music, foods, boys, etc.) you and your friends dig. Here's a real one, in its entirety, from 1982.

    All images via chasingbluebirds.

    First get some notebook paper and make a pretty cover.

    Then everyone has to sign in. Remember the number by your name!

    Musical preferences. Let's see how cool you are.

    Very funny, #13.

    Love that disco hit, "Stayin Live."

    What Rolling Stone songs are you guys into? Stone. Just one.

    Free page: obviously the best page. Y'all are so original.

    Money or skin tight leather pants? Tough call.

    I'm with you, #10. This pencil borrowing from Richard Arnold has GOT to stop.


    Diharea brown!

    Whoever this P.E. teacher is, he's obviously the hot one.


    Then you have to sign out. So we know you're not there anymore.