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    This Slam Book Says Everything You Need To Know About '80s Teens

    A record of everything you and your friends loved. Also: Disco forever!!!

    What is a Slam Book? It's a place to document the things (music, foods, boys, etc.) you and your friends dig. Here's a real one, in its entirety, from 1982.

    All images via chasingbluebirds.

    First get some notebook paper and make a pretty cover.

    Then everyone has to sign in. Remember the number by your name!

    Musical preferences. Let's see how cool you are.

    Just put Journey.

    Very funny, #13.

    Love that disco hit, "Stayin Live."

    What Rolling Stone songs are you guys into? Stone. Just one.

    Free page: obviously the best page. Y'all are so original.

    Swear words omg lol!

    Money or skin tight leather pants? Tough call.

    I'm with you, #10. This pencil borrowing from Richard Arnold has GOT to stop.

    Otherwise, yeah, #10. You GO to that disco house every Friday.


    But can I trust you guys?

    Diharea brown!

    Ew, I can't believe she wrote that.

    Whoever this P.E. teacher is, he's obviously the hot one.



    Then you have to sign out. So we know you're not there anymore.