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This Is What 1999 Looked Like According To The People Of 1966

In Year 1999 AD the kids are all watching YouTube at school and people are Skypeing 24/7. But there's no Britney.

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Mike is an astrophysicist who travels several times a week to a "distant" laboratory.

He's working on the Mars I project (colonization of the planet). Oh, and BTW, the minor at his midwestern university was botany.

This is the home computer. It is a wall of switches. And the children never, ever play around with them.

The home computer "is secretary, librarian, banker, teacher, medical technician, and bridge partner..."


Lunchtime! While Karen's husband nags her over Skype, she looks through the computer to see food options

WUT! There's no-calorie beer in the future? Beer me! The downside of this is that all the food is frozen. Yuck.


The family has a party and their friends from Paris and other far-away places pop in for the evening.

Then some guy makes them all watch some iPhone footage he took of the last concert he was at. Typical.

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