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    This Photo Of Mariah Carey Perfectly Sums Up The '90s

    Just walking the dog in the late '90s. NBD.

    Behold, Mariah, taking her dog for a stroll in the late '90s. Everything about this is epic.

    Time & Life Pictures / The LIFE Picture Collection / Getty Images

    But let's breakdown this photo because break, break down, steady breakin' me on down.

    Boot. Cut. Jeans. Just look at those. Purposefully cut off at the cuffs, and also at the top. Bonus points for sunglasses posed nonchalantly at the waist.

    Metallic kitten heels. Oh my god, SILVERRRR.

    No '90s outfit was complete without flat ironed, shiny hair.

    Spaghetti strap tank. A classic. But here Mariah surprises us with a sage hue. Unexpected, dear Mimi.

    Louis Vuitton backpack. This is amusing.

    And then: BOOMBOX. A BOOMBOX. The best accessory Mariah has ever stepped out with in public.

    THIS is the elusive chanteuse.

    You will never walk your dog as well as Mariah.