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    This Is The Best Game To Play With Your Family Over The Holidays

    No skills necessary for this hilarious drawing and writing game. In fact, the worse you are, the better this game gets.

    Justin Abarca/BuzzFeed

    Write and pass.

    Justin Abarca/BuzzFeed


    Justin Abarca/BuzzFeed

    Fold and pass.

    Justin Abarca/BuzzFeed

    Write, fold, pass.

    Justin Abarca/BuzzFeed

    When your paper comes back around to you, you'll see the hilarious mutations of your original sentence. Here are a few examples of what might happen...


    I can't find my socks --> The hobbit was sad because there were no socks to cover his hairy, disgusting feet --> The giant was sad because hairy feet.


    The cat sensed the police were closing in --> Because cats are brilliant little geniuses, they call 911 when others need help --> "911, it's the cat calling to inform you that I killed a dude."


    "You're a wizard, Harry." --> You're a wizard, Harry. --> Hagrid pulled up on his Harley only to discover that Harry had lost his mind, thinking of penguins.


    The fish swam all the way to England --> The little whale went fishing and caught a Union Jack flag --> The killer whale chased the kite that was flown by a parakeet.


    The turtle was a supreme asshole --> Hey, fuck you, turtle! --> "Fuck off, Donatello!"


    There's a cat in my shoe --> "Cat! You stole my sardine!" --> The man lost control of his pet cat, who just wanted a fish treat.


    MySpace is a place for friends --> The MySpace logo found his brothers finally --> Love is better when you have sister wives.


    The fact that Dracula never pooped was surprising --> Dracula was filled with inexplicable teenaged angst --> Dracula teen has a chain wallet for some reason?

    9. Tip: Don't make your illustrations so large, otherwise you won't be able to fold the paper as many times! Otherwise, enjoy!

    The butterfly ate her cheese in utter silence --> The butterfly was an excellent pizza server --> And that's when the boy stole the butterfly's pizza.