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    Posted on Jan 14, 2014

    This Girl's Diary From The '90s Is Wonderfully Embarrassing

    90210, bangs, and trips to TCBY!

    Dawn Luebbe is a comedian, writer, and now the Interweb God's newest gift to 90sgirlkind because she posts her tweenage diary entries to a Tumblr called My 1992 Diary. These are the real musings and trials of a pre-teen living in Nebraska. And if you were a '90s girl, I think you'll find they read much like your own life. <3

    "I watched 90210. When mom got home I asked her a question I had been ding to ask her for about 2 years..."

    “In reading I did a homeless essay… I told my family and no one really seemed to care much."

    "Dan, I love, but I think he loves me?"

    "Today I thought Dan looked cuter then ever. He wore black shorts and a very big sweater."

    "Then we went to TCBY!"

    "We played shuffleboard, it was hard. Today I accepted god in to my heart!"

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