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    This Elaborate Practical Joke On Alex Trebek Is Genius

    What happens when you get Alex in a room full of Trebek superfans, aka "Trebekkies."

    Jeopardy host Alex Trebek was the victim of a hilarious practical joke, pulled off by the show, TV Bloopers and Practical Jokes. In this 1991 episode, Alex is invited to "the first Trebekkie Convention" — actually filled with actors playing Alex's biggest fans — and the setup/dialog is so perfectly plausible, that it's maybe the funniest thing ever.

    In a mock round of Jeopardy, Alex finds out what the answer to the clue "1985" is — the year he built his house.

    And then a heated debate occurs over the number 1,540 — is it the aired episodes to date or taped?

    Check out the full prank here, which begins at about 0:38.

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