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    This 1997 Alloy Catalog Will Make You Remember Your Skater-Kid Days

    Nevermind that you never actually learned how to skate/snowboard. It's all about the rainbow stripes and beyond baggy jeans.

    Here, courtesy of I Heart The '90s, scans of a 1997 Alloy catalog. It's actually probably that this is the very FIRST Alloy catalog. The company launched its first catalog in August of 1997, and these scans are from a "fall 1997" example. Damn...some memories right here!

    1. Watch out, dELiA* just got some competition.

    2. For those skatergirls who didn't have a big brother to steal clothes from, you could simply call 1-888-45ALLOY.

    3. Had that green ringer shirt.

    4. Bucket hat. Baggy jeans. Wallet chain. This is everything.

    5. Don't forget the cool boys.

    6. Remember when Airwalk was huge?

    7. Who else was a full-on tomboy?

    8. Alloy was all over the snowflake stripe.

    9. No matter the weather, definitely wear a long sleeved shirt and a beanie.

    10. This girl is so cool, it's killing me.

    11. Badass.

    12. Think the long sleeve shirt under a t-shirt will ever come back? Hmmm.

    13. This is so unattractive, I don't even know what to do.

    14. So much going on in this shirt.

    15. Oh hayyyy cuties.

    16. Definitely wear those ski goggles to skool.

    17. Oh man. Your mom is gonna love those Porn Star stickers.

    18. Dog unfortunately not included with purchase.

    19. Can we be friendz, kool gurl?

    To see more of I Heart The '90s scans from this issue, go here.