This 1995 Ad In Seventeen Magazine Shows Just How Much Times Have Changed

“Now you don’t have to wait!” Except…you do.

1. This ad appeared in the November 1995 issue of Seventeen magazine.

Back then, it was just called “Seventeen Online,” but note how much work you had to do to get there:
1. Basically, you needed AOL. So if you didn’t have it, you had to either call AOL’s 800 number or send in a form via snail mail.
2. You’d get a “start-up kit” containing software you’d then install.
3. Once that was installed, you could use your dial-up modem to get online and onto Seventeen Online. But once there, you had only 10 free hours of ‘net surfing time.

2. In that same issue, Seventeen tackled the enigma that was “cybercafés.”

Surfin’ the net in one of these trendy plugged-in spots, we learn, cost about $10 per hour.

This is definitely a reminder that we have it so much better (and cheaper) and that things are so very, very different. (Don’t even get me started on that ’90s slang sidebar next to the article.)

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