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This 1940s Video On Prom Etiquette Is Hilariously Confusing

I am having a panic attack because, NO, I do NOT know how to pour the punch right.

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Look at these teens in the 1940s, having so much fun at their prom. NOT. Prom is a superhighway of complex social skills and you, apparently, do not know how to drive.

For example, this dude is not talking enough. The instructions are literally: "TALK."

Now this girl is talking too much. No surprise. Looks like a talker.

These kids can't even pour punch the right way. WHO RAISED YOU?

Jealousy is not allowed. Just because HE's dancing with HER doesn't mean they're having babies or whatever.

This does not appear to be going well.

In fact, the whole situation seems really quite uncomfortable...

Is it a fairytale ending for these teens of yesterday? You'll just have to find out by watching this short 1940s video on prom etiquette.

View this video on YouTube

(Commentary starts at the 32 second mark.)

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