17 Things You Wish Someone Told You About Buying Stuff For Your First Apartment

    You never thought it possible to harbor such resentment for a Malm Ikea dresser. But it is.

    1. You don't need fancy wine glasses.

    2. Those jazzy curtains that you have your eye on at Urban are all fine and good, just know that you'll end up replacing them in a year.

    Your taste will change. You'll also realize that your neighbors can in fact see through them and have probably seen you naked.

    3. As for your sound system, you don't need much. And this is the perfect one for you, for right now.

    4. Don't go halfsies with your roommate on shared-use things like TVs or couches.

    5. That $20 blender sure is a great deal. But chances are, you will buy this $20 blender three times.

    6. You don't need fancy sheets.

    7. Nor do you need fancy towels.

    8. Do buy two high-quality, non-stick pans.

    9. These $9.99 Ikea knives are THE WORST.

    10. Do not spend more than $200 on a rug.

    11. Guess what? Couches cost a shitton of money! WHAT?!

    12. Also, trash can prices: WTF?!

    13. You may luuuurrrrve this poster now, but you won't in two years.

    14. Don't buy expensive throw pillows.

    15. You don't need to spend $1,000 on a mattress, but don't buy the cheapest one, either.

    16. It's OK to stock your first apartment with Ikea stuff, but just FYI, in a couple years, you'll end up replacing this:

    ...and this...

    ...and this...

    17. Your local Craigslist is your friend.