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22 Things You Never Noticed In "Toy Story 3"

Nobody does hidden details better than Pixar.

1. The train in the opening scene is number 95 — perhaps a reference to the year the first Toy Story movie came out — 1995.

2. And the initials on the caboose read W.R.R. — which could stand for Woody Rail Road.

3. That giant watch on the wall appears to depict Mickey Mouse — a hidden Mickey!

4. The street sign above Andy's closet reads "W. Cutting" — which was the street where Pixar was originally headquartered.

5. Notice that iPhone typing bubble sticker on Andy's door?

6. It would also appear that Andy is an Apple fan — it looks like there's an iPod and a MacBook on his desk.

7. That isn't a volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica; instead it's "Super Encyclopedia."

8. Andy still has a Buzz Lightyear poster on his wall — albeit kind of hidden.

9. There are ticket stubs for a band called Humble Beginnings on Andy's bulletin board. This is a real band, but also, people often refer to Pixar's "humble beginnings."

10. There's also an envelope on the bulletin board from Andy's new college in Emeryville, California, where Pixar is located.

11. Andy's sister is reading a magazine called Tween Zine.

12. The license plate on the garbage truck — RM237 — is a reference to The Shining.

13. The license plate on Andy's mom's car reads A113, an inside joke referring to a classroom at California Institute of the Arts that appears in most Pixar films.

14. There's also a parking pass for a yoga studio on the back of Andy's mom's car.

15. Animators were so detailed that they even put safety guards on the electrical outlets at Sunnyside.

16. The name of the janitor is Mr. Tony.

17. See these cubbies for Dan and Belinda? Could be a coincidence, but there are two character shading artists listed on the crew with the same names.

18. This is the Pizza Planet truck! It appears in most Pixar movies.

19. We see that the brand of Buzz's batteries is BnL, aka Buy n Large, the corporation from Wall-E.

20. This appears to be a hidden Mickey.

21. The garbageman? That's mean Sid.


22. These letters we see on the day care wall could refer to Princess Atta, of A Bug's Life.


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